Aromatherapy - Pure Essential Oils for Emotions | What can I use to help me naturally with my emotions?

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EMOTION ESSENTIAL OILS & BLENDS FLOWER ESSENCES BODY MIND LOTION Aggression Lemon +, Rosemary + Beech, Cherry Plum Purification Sweet Marjoram+, Ylang Ylang+ Organic Clearing Generational Patterns  Blend Anger Orange +, Jasmine +, Lavender + Holly, Aspen, Vine Purification Patchouli, Rose+, Ylang Ylang+ Organic Clearing Generational Patterns  Blend Anxiety Cedarwood, Clary Sage +, Frankincense  Sweet Chestnut Open Heart Lavender +, Orange +, Patchouli Alaskan Soul Support Rose Geranium +, Rose +, Sandalwood Sweet Marjoram+, Ylang Ylang+ Organic Peace Essential Oil Blend, Palmarosa Clarity (Lack of) Cedarwood, Cypress, Frankincense  Wild Oat, Cerato, Larch Courage & Clarity Ginger Root +, Patchouli, Peppermint + White Chestnut  Rosemary + Confidence (Lack of) Cedarwood, Cypress, Jasmine Larch, Elm, Cerato, Agrimony Courage & Clarity Orange, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang Org. Depression Clary Sage, Frankincense, Jasmine  Pine, Sweet Chestnut Lavender, Lemon +, Orange, Patchouli Oak, Gorse Rose, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Neroli Rosewood  Disappointment Cypress, Frankincense, Jasmine + Hornbeam Open Heart Orange +, Rose + Alaskan Purification Exhaustion & Fatigue Clary Sage +, Cypress, Eucalyptus  Mustard, Oak, Olive Stress Relief Ginger Root +, Lemon +, Lemongrass +  Elm, Scleranthus Myrrh, Orange+, Patchouli, Peppermint + Rosemary +, Ylang Ylang + Organic Sweet Dreams TM, No Snore TM Fear * Cedarwood, Clary Sage +, Eucalyptus Mimulus, Holly, Aspen Open Heart Frankincense, Jasmine+, Lemon+, Myrrh Agrimony Courage & Clarity Orange +, Peppermint +, Rosemary + Alaskan Soul Support   Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang + Organic Rose +, Peace  Essential Oil Blend Frustration Frankincense, Lavender +, Orange + Gorse Purification Ylang Ylang + Organic Alaskan Easy Learning Focus  Essential Oil Blend for LD people and kids Grief Cypress, Rose +, Sandalwood Star of Bethlehem  Open Heart Sweet Marjoram + Guilt Sweet Marjoram+, Ylang Ylang+ Organic Pine Purification Insecurity Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh Crab Apple, Vine Courage & Clarity Jasmine +, Sandalwood Heather Precious  Essential Oil Blend Impatience Clary Sage +, Frankincense, Lavender + Impatiens, Beech Stress Relief Peace  Essential Oil Blend Insomnia Cedarwood, Clary Sage +, Lavender + Walnut Open Heart Rose Geranium +, Sweet Dreams TM, Courage & Clarity Sweet Marjoram +, Neroli, Sandalwood Irritability Lavender +, Lemongrass +, Orange + Beech, Larch Stress Relief Rose Geranium +, Sandalwood,  Guardian Ylang Ylang + Organic Jealousy Cedarwood, Jasmine +, Rose + Crab Apple, Willow, Holly Sweet Marjoram + Loneliness Clary Sage +, Frankincense, Rose + Heather, Water Violet Purification Sweet Marjoram + Mood Swings Cedarwood, Clary Sage +, Lavender + Cherry Plum, Elm Courage & Clarity Peppermint +, Rose Geranium + Scleranthus. Fireweed Negativity Clary Sage +, Orange + Willow Purification Clearing Generational Patterns  Blend Purification  Panic Clary Sage +, Frankincense Rock Rose, Aspen  Open Heart Lavender +, Orange +, Rosemary + Peace  Essential Oil Blend Peace Clary Sage +, Amber, Orange + Gorse, Holly Courage & Clarity Sweet Marjoram+, Ylang Ylang Organic+ MimulusAspen Peace  Essential Oil Blend Regret Sandalwood Honeysuckle, Pine Purification Peace  Essential Oil Blend Willow Sadness Jasmine +, Orange +, Rose +, Rosemary + Star of Bethlehem Open Heart Ylang Ylang Organic + Mustard Sexual Aphrodisiac Clary Sage +, Patchouli, Rosemary + Vervain, Vine Open Heart Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang Organic + Stress Relief  Shock Frankincense, Lavender +, Peppermint + Star of Bethlehem Open Heart Rose +, Sweet Marjoram + Shyness/Social Anxiety Ginger Root+, Jasmine+, Patchouli, Rose+ Water Violet Stress Relief  Peppermint +, Ylang Ylang Organic +   Stress/Tension Amber, Clary Sage +, Frankincense  Vervain, Gorse, Oak Stress Relief Jasmine +, Lavender +, Myrrh, Orange +, Rock Rose, Crab Apple Patchouli, Rose +, Sandalwood Sweet Marjoram +, Tangerine + Ylang Ylang +, Headache & Migraine Relief Money Magnet ™, Sore Muscle Rub TM Worry Clary Sage +, Frankincense Larch, White Chestnut Courage & Clarity Ginger Root +, Sweet Marjoram + Agrimony Money Magnet ™ , Sweet Dreams TM * Most Negative Emotions Involve Fear + Read which Essential Oils Are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA as a Food Additive 
Use the charts below for suggestions on how to help yourself heal naturally with aromatherapy, therapeutic essential oils, essential oil blends, and our unique, patented body-mind remedy lotionsBioSource Naturals Body-Mind Remedy lotions are a combination of concentrated, undiluted therapeutic essential oils, flower essences, and gem elixirs which are color charged and body mapped to realign energy in chakras and meridians.
PHYSICAL ISSUE ESSENTIAL OILS & BLENDS FLOWER ESSENCES BODY MIND LOTION Acne Lavender +, Lemongrass +, Cedarwood ADHD Focus , Vetiver  Alaskan Easy Learning  Lavender +, Cedarwood   Attention Deficit Focus  Alaskan Easy Learning    Chamomile +     Arthritis Rosemary +, Lavender +, Peppermint + BODY:  Hands Arthritis Comfort BODY:  Knees BODY:  Low Back Congestion Peppermint +, Eucalyptus, Lavender + Stress Relief Pine, Anise +, Holy Basil +,   Breathe Clearly TM, No Snore TM Constipation Black Pepper,  Cinnamon Leaf +  Alaskan Purification  Purification Pink Grapefruit +,  Sweet Marjoram + BODY:  Low Back Rosemary +, Constipation Rescue   Digestive Issues Ginger Root +, Lemon +, Lemongrass + Alaskan Purification  Purification Lime +, Sweet Marjoram + (Spasms) Chicory, Impatiens Courage & Clarity Chamomile +, Constipation Rescue Elm, Rock Water   Fatigue Cypress, Eucalyptus Rescue Remedy (for stress)  Stress Relief Juniper Berry +, Holy Basil + Soul Support (for stress) Purification Clary Sage +, Peppermint + Open Heart    Fibromyalgia Peppermint +, Thyme + Stress Relief Hair Loss / Hair Growth Lavender +, Ylang Ylang+, Cedarwood Stress Relief Rose Geranium , Frankincense Cypress, Rosemary +, Hair Loss Helper TM Headaches Lavender +, Ginger Root +, Melissa +, Oak Stress Relief Sweet Marjoram +, Peppermint + Holy Basil +, Chamomile + Headache & Migraine Relief Immune Support Lemon + Mustard, Olive, Scleranthus Courage & Clarity Tea Tree Stress Relief Insomnia Peace , Sweet Dreams TM Alaskan Soul Support  Stress Relief Bach Rescue Remedy   Memory Rosemary +, Lavender +, Eucalyptus    Courage & Clarity Peppermint, Focus ™, Thyme + Ginger Root +Juniper Berry + OCD Peace  Larch Courage & Clarity Peri-Menopause Peace   Woman Essence Open Heart Clearing Generational Patterns PMS Support TM PMS Peace , Clary Sage +, Lavender + Woman Essence Open Heart Sweet Marjoram +, Cypress Ylang Ylang Organic +, , PMS Support TM Sinusitis Rosemary +, Peppermint +, Eucalyptus Stress Relief Breathe Clearly Skin:  Aging Lemon +, Clary Sage +, Frankincense Myrrh Skin:  Dry Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rose + Skin:  Callouses Lavender + Sore Muscles Eucalyptus, Rosemary +, Peppermint + BODY:  Low Back Cypress, Sore Muscle Rub TM Thyroid Issues Myrrh, Oak, Vervain Stress Relief Pituitary or Hypothalamus Related: Cedarwood, Rose Geranium + Frankincense, Sandalwood  + Read which Essential Oils Are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA as a Food Additive | Edible Massage Oils Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.
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Biosource Naturals therapeutic, pure essential oils store provides many natural healing remedies for emotional and physical issues such as: lotions made with flower essences, Emotional Freedom Technique Scripts, aromatherapy, massage oils, edible massage oils, fragrance body oils, hydrosols, soothing pre-shave oils, relaxing scented dead sea salts, and sugar scrubs, perfume oils in a natural oil base, and our unique, patent pending body-mind remedy lotions. We are an essential oil company which provides therapeutic essential oils which are all premium grade, 100% concentrated (undiluted), pure, first distillation, suitable for therapeutic purposes sourced from all over the world. They are from clean and/or organic, sustainable areas. We supply essential oils which are from inspected farms and distilleries for purity and cleanliness. They are verified for oil characteristics and testing of the oils' purity through GC or GC/MS technologies. Buy essential oils, essential oil blends, and other healing oils and lotions made with flower essences though our online store. See our chart below for treatment recommendations from our naturopathic doctor. 

Aromatherapy - Pure Essential Oils for Physical Issues | What can I use to help me naturally with my body? >> click for more information

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$4.95 FLAT FEE SHIPPING and FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $35 on essential oils and lotions within Continental USA$4.95 off International orders over $35 Free Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Scripts specific to an emotional or physical condition are available with each essential oil blend purchase or body mind remedy lotion purchase. "Excellent customer service! Will order again."  - Dawn Stevenson     “Received the item very quickly and was well packaged." - William Purcell “Biosource Naturals has become our #1 source for essential oils. The quality of the oils are just as good and if not better than the big mlm eo companies. Thanks for your excellent products and A+ customer service.” Greg Yackley

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These lotions are powerful combinations of Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Gem Elixirs, Light, Sound, and Prayer/Intention
"Open Heart opened my chest and lifted my spirits. Really! I was crying the day before about a break up and was shutting down from a new prospect. When I used the lotion, I was able to think more clearly and have some closure and new conversations that were not so emotionally charged. A great energy healing product!"  K. W. - Washington
"I've noticed since using Purification Body Mind Lotion that I am not feeling constantly frustrated and irritated by co-workers and my boss.  I feel more optimistic."  M. N.
“I noticed that my neck is not stiff and sore anymore since I've been using Stress Relief. I used to feel like my energy was locked up and stuck in my neck especially under stress.  It’s changed, and I don’t feel that anymore.” S. T.
"I have been using Courage & Clarity Lotion. I feel like I can let go of my relationship with my boyfriend who isn't very nice to me sometimes.  I feel more confident and realize his issues don't have anything to do with me."  S. K.
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