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Open Heart Lotion with Bach Flower Essences, Pure Essential Oils & Gem Elixirs

Body Mind Open Heart Lotion with Bach Flower Essences, Pure Essential Oils & Gem Elixirs

Body Mind Open Heart Lotion helps support emotional repatterning for issues relating to trust, forgiveness and grief and was designed for the following chakra and meridians:

Chakra:  Heart 

Meridians: Kidney & Pericardium 

Details: A slightly sweet scented, organic lotion with Bach Flower Essences of Oak, Star of Bethlehem; essential oils of cypress, sweet marjoram, and ylang ylang; gem elixir of rose quartz. Color charged. Reiki charged.

Helpful to energetically release emotional patterns which include:

  • Lack of trust, lack of faith, lack of gratitudebody mine open heart lotion
  • Fear of rejection and failure
  • Recent job loss or career change
  • Difficulty having faith in God and in life
  • Divorce or separation in the past three years
  • Letting go of grief, trauma, disappointment
  • Broken engagement or rejection by a loved one
  • Having trouble with forgiveness

Directions: Apply across chest above breasts in the morning and before bed.  Improvement of emotional patterns within one to two weeks is typical. 

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy. Up to two lotion products can be used per day.  More InfoHow They Work, Why a Lotion?

Open Heart Lotion comes with a free Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT Tapping script which corresponds to these emotional issues. Combining the EFT and Body Mind Lotions and essential oils helps support emotional repatterning.

Body Mind Open Heart Lotion Reviews

I am a bodyworker and my client had been using the Open Heart lotion for about 2 weeks, when I tuned into her Heart chakra it felt really good what was even more amazing was how open her physical Heart felt. She also had probably the best Chi flow I’ve ever seen from her Kidneys to her Heart. I can’t wait to use your products on myself!!!” – Billy O.

“I apply this fabulous fragrance to my upper body each evening at bedtime and it is an intoxicating aroma that soothes my mind and helps prepare me for deep slumber. I highly recommend Body Mind Open Heart Lotion.” – S. Blanchard 

“This product opened my chest and lifted my spirits. Really I was crying the day before about a break up and was shutting down from a new prospect. When I used the lotion, I was able to think more clearly and have some closure and new conversations that were not so emotionally charged.” – K.W.

“Something about Body Mind Open Heart Lotion really helped my balance. I recommend it for those that break up with someone they still love it releases the residual bs fast. May need to be prepared for that though.” – R. Silvestri

“I was introduced to your product, Open Heart, by my Mom in March of this year when she started using it to deal with the loss of my father. I bought a bottle of Open Heart on Amazon and have been using it since March and I love it. This time I wanted to try Stress Relief because I am a public school teacher and thought it would help me. ”  – D Gonzalez

”This order arrived on time and in good condition.”  – D. Owens