Pure Aromatherapy for Body, Mind & Spirit

This Q&A guide will help you find the best aromatherapy product(s) to suit your needs.


1. Do you want a ready to use product?

Yes? Then check out our roll ons, massage oils, and sprays.

No? Then use our pure essential oils.

2. Are you looking for an essential oil blend for a specific purpose?

Yes? Then see our blends which support physical issues, emotional issues, and spiritual issues.

No? Then use our pure essential oils.

3.  Are you using pure essential oils or blends topically?

Yes?  Then remember to purchase a carrier oil and dilute as instructed on the label.

No? Then use in a diffuser.  See how to diffuse essential oils to enjoy aromatically.

Feel free to explore our store with over 20 free items which are instant downloads of DIY recipe books and helpful charts for essential oil applications.  Also available are over a dozen EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Techniques Scripts which combine our aromatherapy products for mind, body wellness.

Product Guide: Questions and Answers