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Body-Mind Lotions and How They Work

Body-mind lotions can work for you and your personal transformation.  With 7 Key Elements for Amazing Results:  Organic Aloe and Sunflower Seed oil base, Bach flower how they work body mind lotionsessences, pure essential oils, gem elixirs, color charged, sound charged, Reiki and prayer charged with intention of the highest healing and good for all.*

Bio Source Naturals Body-Mind Lotions compliment work done by energy healers such as TAT, Emotion Code, EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meridian Tapping Technique, Reiki, Neuro-Net, and The Reconnection.  Body-mind remedy lotions compliment chiropractic care, psychological counseling, and massage.

How Do The Body-Mind Lotions Work?

Bio Source Naturals Body-Mind Lotions were developed by a Naturopath (Natural Health Practitioner) who specializes in alternative medicine, mental health treatments. In her practice as a holistic therapist, she developed remedy lotions containing body mapped Bach flower essences, elixirs and pure essential oils to move stagnant physical and emotional energy (qi) from the energy channels & centers of the body (meridians and chakras (prana energy)).

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Indian Chakra energy theory, emotional energy can become stuck or stagnant in areas of the body (meridians and chakras), causing imbalances with either too much or too little energy in areas of the body. This stagnant energy may indirectly cause dis-ease.*  Emotional and physical energy in the body can be positively altered by healing elements such as pure essential oils, gem elixirs, flower essences, color, sound, music, prayer, and meditation allowing chakras to open and move stagnant emotional energy and balance meridians where there is too much emotional energy (qi). All of these healing elements are all in each bottle of Bio Source Naturals Body-Mind lotions.* Application of lotions to body-mapped areas enhance emotional release and emotional re-patterning.*

7 Key Elements for Amazing Results!

Organic Aloe & Sunflower Seed oil base allows quick absorption into the skin.

Original Bach Flower Essences
Similar to herbal tinctures but of flowers, flower essences transfer positive patterns of emotional and physical energy.  Our flower essences are as they were developed and discovered by Dr. Edward Bach over 70 years ago in the United Kingdom. Several scientific studies in the UK have proved the effectiveness of flower essences. Flowers, the glory of creation, stimulate the release of blockages to our spiritual and emotional evolution and raise the vibratory consciousness of stagnant emotions – preparing them for easier release.

Pure Essential Oils
More than just pleasant scents, essential oils are understood to stimulate the amygdala gland in the limbic system where emotional memory is stored. Each scent stimulates the release of specific types of emotions.  Applied onto the skin over the meridians and chakra areas of the body.  BioSource Naturals Body-Mind Lotions contain 100% pure, therapeutic quality essential oils.

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Great Lake Huron, Lexington, Michigan USA

Gem Elixirs
Our Body-Mind lotions also contain gem elixirs which are liquid preparations containing the vibrations and energy of a gem or mineral.  It stabilizes and complements flower essences and balances subtle bodies such as the chakra and aura.  They aide in the shift in consciousness and increase spiritual connection.  Artisan made in the sunshine at the Great Lake Huron. 

Charged with Colored Light
Based on the work of Dinshah P. Ghadiali, each chakra and meridian responds to a specific color, and color is emotionally and physically healing.  Colored light, which is visible energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, charges the lotion to enhance the lotion effects.  Body-Mind lotions enhance EFT, Meridian tapping Therapy, TAT, massage, Emotion Code, Neuro-Net, Reiki and other energy therapies. 

Charged with Sound Wave Energy
Each chakra and meridian reacts to specific sound frequencies or musical notes (Solfeggio frequencies).  This sound energy is imparted to enhance and complement the flower essences, gem elixirs and aromatherapy in our Body-Mind lotions.

Charged with Prayer
Made with love and intention, each batch of body-mind lotion is blessed with a prayer for healing for those that use it.

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Stress Relief Body-Mind Lotion – Feeling Overwhelmed or Overburdened

Purification Body-Mind Lotion – Feeling Anger or Regret

Courage & Clarity Body-Mind Lotion – Anxiety & Lack of Confidence

Open Heart Body-Mind Lotion – Feelings of Rejection, Grief, Disappointment, Betrayal

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Why Use a Lotion?

Easy to Use & Compliments Many Therapies

Our Body-Mind remedy lotions have a beautiful, therapeutic aroma which can be applied during your morning routine and at night before sleep.  No bottles to carry, no pills, and no waiting before and after eating like most homeopathic remedies.  A perfect compliment to EFT Tapping, prayer, meditation, counseling, chiropractic, energy psychology, massage.