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Stress Relief Lotion with Bach Flower Essences, Pure Essential Oils & Gem Elixirs

Body Mind Stress Relief Lotion with Bach Flower Essences, Pure Essential Oils & Gem Elixirs

Body Mind Stress Relief Lotion helps support a sense of calm with the combination of essential oils, Bach Flower essences, gem elixirs. Stress Relief Lotion is color charged and Reiki charged.  Designed to energetically target the following chakra and meridians:

Chakra:  Throat

Meridians: Bladder, Gallbladder & Triple Heater

Details: A mellow, faint citrus essential oil scent and made with Bach Flower Essences of water violet, crab apple, oak, vervain, and willow; pure essential oils of ylang ylang and orange; gem elixirs of quartz crystal and aquamarine. Helpful to energetically release emotional patterns which include:

  • Shynessstress relief lotion
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overly responsible
  • Difficulty expressing yourself verbally
  • Others view you as distant
  • You take on more that your “fair share” of work
  • Hard to let go, relax, and take a break
  • Constantly improving yourself but are never satisfied or at peace
  • Inability to communicate & speak your truth

Directions: Apply on front, back and sides of neck, plus tops of shoulders  in the morning and before bed.  Improvement of emotional patterns within one to two weeks is typical. 

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy. Up to two lotion products can be used per day. 

More Info: How They Work, Why a Lotion?

This product comes with a free Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT Tapping script which corresponds to these emotional issues. Combining the EFT and Stress Relief helps support emotional repatterning.

Body Mind Stress Relief Lotion Reviews

“The stress relief is amazing. I always have tightness in my neck and shoulder. Recently I had a spot in my neck that the chiropractor couldn’t get to adjust. For over a month it was painful and wouldn’t budge. I hadn’t used this lotion in a while, so I ordered it and 2 days after using it my neck finally popped on its own and it’s been great since. I won’t let this run out anymore! Great stuff!!”   — S.B. Siedhoff

“I suffer anxiety attacks, stress, etc. This is something I definitely needed. I like that it is in a cream form as apposed to an oil when it comes to this type of product. I can put this on easily at night when reaching for it middle of the night when if I feel a panic attack coming on. Also in general during the day If I feel a bit stressed and need my mind at ease. It seems to have helped. The scent is not over whelming as other types can be I have tried a while back. Which is nice To have such in a relaxing remedy as this one. They came up with a perfect mixture of ingredients in this and good to know safe and effective in an all natural way and not chemicals. It’s perfect.” – Skye 

“I often tense my shoulders while under stress or while sitting at the computer for long periods of time. This causes neck and shoulder pain that sometimes radiates down into the upper arm. The Stress Relief Body Mind Vibrational Remedy calms me and helps relax the muscles and relieves the discomfort. I also have a better range of motion in my neck and can move my head further in either direction. The Stress Relief has a mild, soothing scent that doesn’t linger or interfere with other fragrances I might want to wear. I recommend this to anyone who sometimes feels overwhelmed with responsibility or has a stressful job.” – J. Vonk 

“It immediately became obvious after the first use that the quality of this product ranks high above the numerous lotions I have tried in the past. Since I have been very stressed out by grad school and my two jobs, I have been applying this every day since the product came in the mail. I love the smell and how easily it absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily residue like other lotions.The first two times I used Stress Relief, I quickly used up the bottles.”  – -L. Adkins 

“Love the feel of this Stress Relief lotion. I carry quite a bit of tension in my shoulders and neck. Is it a coincidence I tried this lotion during tax season?! I was intrigued because there were times I would have been very stressed but wasn’t at all! I use this and the Purification lotion every day.” – L. Lewis 

“One of my favorite lotions to use on my upper shoulders when I’ve had a long day at the office hunched over for hours typing on a computer. I get a lot of tension and pain in my trapezius muscle from bad posture while typing for hours at work and this lotion really helps my upper shoulders relax and relieve tension. I use this lotion everyday after work and before bed time along with my Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend Spray for better relaxation and comfort.” – E. Schatzberg 

“When I feel stressed, it usually manifests itself as pain in my neck or between my shoulders. I have applied Stress Relief lotion at all different times of the day, and it has been very helpful in relieving tension and pain. It has a lovely fresh fragrance.” – G. Thomas 

“I have a lot of stress in my life right now, so I am always on the lookout for safe, natural products to use that help calm me down when I’m feeling anxious. I apply this lotion all around my neck and chest when I get out of the shower, while breathing in the amazing aroma. The lotion also moisturizes and I bring it with me in my purse when I go out so I can apply it several times during the day. I look forward to breathing it in and feeling my stress level immediately go down a notch!” – Veronica 

”Very fast service, thanks.”  – A. Patton