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Special Set of 10 Pure Essential Oils (Basic Kit) - 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) each

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Special Set of 10 Pure Essential Oils (Basic Kit) - 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) each (50% more than 10 ml bottles!)

This set of 10 is the most versatile for every DIYer, perfumer, aromatherapist.

  • Lavender: Aromatherapy for Scars, Stress, & Tension Headaches. Clean & Deodorize.
  • Rosemary: Aromatherapy for Hair Loss, Muscle Aches, and Sinus Congestion.
  • Lemon: Aromatherapy to Bring Fresh Energy, and Clear the Mind. Clean & remove gum, oil, & grease.
  • Clove Bud: For Nausea, Flatulence, Bronchitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Toothaches, Diarrhea, & Infections.
  • Peppermint: Aromatherapy for Headaches, Indigestion, and Energy.
  • Eucalyptus: Aromatherapy for Congestion Relief, Inflammation, & Pain. Insect Repellent.
  • Frankincense: Aromatherapy for Spiritual Healing, Self Esteem, Personal Power, Circulation, & Sleep
  • Tea Tree: Aromatherapy for Candida, Acne, Chest Congestion, Disinfecting, & Repelling Insects.
  • Thyme: Aromatherapy for Respiratory, Digestion, Infection, Asthma, Coughs, Fatigue & Warts.

Instructions: Dilute 3-5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil.


"I've bought many essential oils and I think these are the best one. And, yes I've used DoTERRA and they're good." - Julie

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