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Attracting Money with EFT & Essential Oils 6 Hour Workshop Download

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Brand: BioSource Naturals

Attracting Money with EFT & Essential Oils 6 Hour Workshop

- EOTT™ - Essential Oil Tapping Techniques

The following will become available for you to download once you have purchased the Attracting Money with EFT & Essential Oils Workshop:

  • 3 hour workshop contained in four mp4 video files (78mb, 75mb, 73mb, 67mb)
  • course notes (pdf file)
  • EFT script for money issues (pdf file)

Attracting Money Using EFT & Essential Oils Workshop Content

  • Understanding Vibration, Frequency and Energy
  • How Our Emotions Activate and Reflect Our Current Vibration
  • How Thoughts and Emotions Create Neuropeptides & Cellular Changes
  • Law of Attraction & Law of Allowing Defined How to Apply Them
  • Types of Prayer & How they Relate to Frequency and Vibration
  • Phrasing Thought and Vibration in the Present Time & Why It is Important
  • Importance of Love and Gratitude Vibration
  • Muscle Testing the Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT, Theory, History and Techniques
  • EFT Tapping: Clearing Negative Beliefs About Money, Prosperity Abundance, Success
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Clearing the Negative
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Combining Positive Visualization (Law of Attraction)
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Receiving/Law of Allowing as if it is already happening
  • EFT: Psychological Reversal & What to Do About It
  • Muscle Testing Body Mind Remedy Lotions and Super-Fast EFT Tapping Techniques to Increase Flow of Emotional and Physical Energy

Money Magnet is demonstrated in the workshop.

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