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How to Use Essential Oils – A Guide for Beginners

How to Use Essential Oils – A Guide for Beginners

When someone mentions essential oils, aromatherapy is often the first thing to come to mind. And for good reason—aromatherapy is powerful! In this article, learn how to use essential oils – a guide for beginners. How to Use Essential Oils - A Guide for Beginners

HELP! I Never Used Essential Oils!

No biggie! Just like learning anything new, take it slow and remember to enjoy the process. As you gain more experience using different oils, you will discover your favorites and which ones your body reacts best to. Read up on oils before using them and be aware of how to most effectively use essential oils. We have many blog posts on this site that will help!

How much do I use?

It depends—refer to guidelines for specific oils and blends. As a general rule, however, use a few drops (diluted with a carrier oil) on the palms, feet, or other location. Oils should be diluted up to 30% for massage, and diluted even more for children.*

I’m worried about sensitivity/allergy

Just perform a quick skin check! Take the oil in question, dilute, and apply a little on the inside of your upper arm. Wait and see how your skin reacts. And here’s something slick—because allergic reactions are caused by a “histamine,” a protein molecule, and because essential oils do not contain proteins, there are no allergic reactions to essential oils. Redness usually indicates sensitivity or detoxification.

How do I apply them topically?

There are a few different ways. Many oils are safe to apply “neat” (meaning applied straight from the bottle, or undiluted). Generally speaking, however, essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil or used in a recipe or diffused (see 10 great diffuser blends here).

There are many different DIY recipes that use essential oils for just about everything! Many essential oils are used as ingredients in natural perfumes and, of course, massage oils (and we have MANY for purchase!).

How do I use the inhalation method?

Once again, there are a few ways. You can diffuse, put a few drops in the shower or bath, or simply inhale directly from the bottle!

Check out all the Bio Source Natural posts on other ways to use essential oils! If you’re unsure what oils you should get as a beginner, here’s a list of essential oils that every household should have.

Order one of our essential oil kits, below, to get you started on your incredible aromatherapy journey! We’ve also made it easy to purchase a few different carrier oils to use with your kits, below, too!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.




  • Chris C. says:

    Do you have a retail store on Michigan Ave.? If not, is there somewhere local (Canton, Mi.) where I can buy your essential oils? Why dont you have organic oils? Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    We do have organic oils. They are in the organic oils category. We do not have a retail store. There are practitioners which sell our products and independent health food stores. We are mostly online.

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