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Tropical Orange (Lickable, Kissable) Edible Massage Oil

Tropical Orange Edible Massage OilTropical Orange (Lickable, Kissable) Edible Massage Oil is made with pure orange essential oil in a natural oil base. Orange essential oil offers the exhilarating freshness of orange with its therapeutic properties in order to give users the perfect blend. With a fresh orange peel scent, this massage oil is great at providing energy and freeing of the mind.

Tropical Orange (Lickable, Kissable) Edible Massage Oil has a fresh orange peel scent that is calming and relaxing to the body.

Our sexy and kissable massage oils allow your hands to glide over the skin with ease. Our edible massage oils contain blends of pure plant and essential oils found on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS list. They do not leave a sticky residue and are hydrating and nourishing to the skin. These massage oils are not meant to be ingested as food.

Tropical Orange (Lickable, Kissable) Edible Massage Oil is made with the finest ingredients and comes in a convenient pump bottle that’s easy to use. All of our massage oils are created with a harmonious blend of sunflower oil, apricot kernel oil, and sweet almond oil making them kissable, lickable, edible massage oils. The properties found within these oils condition and soften skin while providing minerals, vitamins and proteins. They contain therapeutic quality essential oils.

Packaged: 8 fl. oz. (227 ml) amber plastic bottle with pump, safety shrink wrap.  Free flip top cap available if requested.

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Tropical Orange (Lickable, Kissable) Edible, Kissable Massage Oil Reviews

“One whiff and this product’s scent took me back to when I was a child riding in a car through orange groves on hot summer nights. A very relaxing orange scent which works perfectly in a massage oil. I will definitely order this massage oil again.” – C.H.

“This massage oil is fantastic! I am absolutely in Heaven! It smells delightful, although not at all cloying. The scent is of fresh orange essence & the taste, (while not as strong as the scent), is delectable! This is the first edible massage oil that I have ever used that isn’t sticky-sweet. It’s not some cheaply made novelty product, it is made from the highest quality ingredients & it glides over the skin & absorbs nicely. There is absolutely no tacky residue, it just leaves you with lightly scented, moisturized skin. This is the real deal! If you are looking for a high quality, edible massage oil, look no further! I cannot express enough just how impressed I am with this product. I used it to give my husband a nice massage & when he returned the favor, he discovered that it was flavored. He was equally impressed with how it absorbed into the skin without feeling sticky. The fact that it smells & tastes like an orange smoothie is just what I have been looking for! I highly recommend this product & in fact, this brand in general. I recently tried a few different products from BioSource Naturals & all of them exceeded my expectations. ” – AGDG

“I’ve tried two of the massage oils, and both have a wonderfully silky feel. When used at night, my skin still feels nice and soft the next morning. This product has a delicious orange fragrance. I would order this massage oil again. ” – G. Thomas

“Wow this is what I call an evening type of Oil. Nice and sultry/full of zest. It smells wonderfully charming and full of Life. I like to use this on those evenings/night I want to feel a lil bit more care free. Nice to get a back massage with this as well. You get to relax and inhale this yummy scent. Skin reacts nicely to this as well. No irritation whats so ever. Nice size bottle will last a good long while.” – Skye

“An excellent product.” – M. Johnson

”Product and service was great.” – D. Bashaw

”Received the product in a very good condition and meticulously packed and protected. Haven’t tried it yet that’s why I hold the 5 star for later.”  –  J. Kairu

”Just as expected, and was received quickly.” –  M. Henrys

”Great product. I totally recommend it to anyone.”  –  T.Minor

”Little sweet, not tangy.” –  R. Kane

”Excellent product! I intend to buy other flavors as well!”  –  S. Hess

”Company had great communication, was highly reliable. And their product is fricken awesome.”  –  J. Picchietti

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