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Essential Oils to Improve Psychic Ability

Essential Oils to Improve Psychic Ability

Essential Oils to Improve Psychic Ability

Many people believe that having psychic abilities is rare. Consequently, those who claim to have these “supernatural” powers are often thought of as strange. They may even feel like outsiders or be treated as such.

Thus, having psychic abilities is also known as “extrasensory perception” or “sixth sense.”

Actually, believe it or not, we all have the ability to be psychic. However, some of us just need to practice more, while some simply do not believe such powers exist.

There are many different kinds of psychic abilities, including aura reading (the ability to perceive “energy fields” surrounding persons, places, or things) and clairvoyance (the ability to perceive person, object, location, and physical events through extrasensory perception).

Successfully use your psychic gifts by practicing often! You can also use essential oils while you practice. They have high vibrations, as measured scientifically, and can be a beneficial tool.*

Essential Oils to Improve Psychic Ability

Frankincense: Use for psychic protection and to increase psychic abilities.*

Sandalwood: Many believe dabbing a few drops of Sandalwood on the back of your neck provides psychic cleansing and protection. It also assists with spiritual awareness and growth.*

Bay Leaf: Simulates psychic powers.*

Ginger Root: Use to soothe and balance stress and bring peace. Also, use it to clear racing thoughts.*

Star Anise: Increases your clairvoyance.*

Cinnamon: Stimulates your spiritual power and psychic awareness.*

Peppermint: Increases your spiritual energy and heightens psychic awareness.*

How to Use These Oils

Use the eight essential oils to improve psychic ability in several ways.

First, mix a few in a warm bath with Epsom salts to dissipate negative energy.* This, in turn, clears the pathway to clarity and insight.*

Use a diffuser to fill a room with the scent of one or several essential oils to improve psychic ability.* This provides protection and cleansing in your immediate environment.*

Finally, create essential oil blends and mix them with a carrier oil. Massage into your skin to enhance your psychic work.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.