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5 DIY Linen Spray’s With Essential Oils

5 DIY Linen Spray’s With Essential Oils

5 DIY Linen Spray's With Essential OilsIn this article, we will explore the benefits of using essential oils for DIY linen spray’s and discover 5 great recipes. We’ll also provide a base recipe for making the linen spray at home and tips on how to best use it.

A Brief Introduction to DIY Linen Spray

DIY linen spray is a simple and effective way to keep your linens smelling fresh and clean between washes. In our two ingredient recipe you can make linen spray by combining essential oils with vodka or witch hazel. The spray can be used on furniture, bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases, curtains, clothes, towels even your car providing a relaxing and refreshing scent.*

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Linen Spray

Essential oils come with a wide range of benefits that can enhance the effects of linen spray. They are natural disinfectants and deodorizers, can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety and leave a long-lasting, pleasant aroma.* They can also offer powerful aromatherapy benefits that can provide various medicinal and therapeutic effects.*

5  DIY Linen Spray Recipes with Essential Oils

These recipes are easy to make.  We use very comon essential oils that you may already have in your collection using only two of each per recipe. We suggest you spray on linens or fabrics as desired.

It’s Been a Good Day Linen Spray

Evenly mix geranium essential oil with lavender essential oil in your linen spray to relax you and get you ready for a great night’s sleep.*

Uplifting & Relaxing Linen Spray

  • Bergamot essential oil is great if you’re feeling down and out, or just dealing with bad weather blues or any other similar emotional state.*
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil is known for its calming properties and can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.* This oil also seduces the senses and relaxes the mind with an intensely sweet spicy, floral scent.*

Mix each oil evenly in the recipe below to create a beautifully balanced scent that promotes relaxation and boosts your mood.

Mid-Afternoon Pick Me Up Linen Spray

  • Lemon essential oil has a fresh and uplifting scent. It is a natural deodorizer, can help remove stains, and provide a boost of high energy.* A spray with lemon essential oil would be great to help wake you up in the morning, mentally prepare you for a workout or if you just need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!*
  • Peppermint essential oil has a refreshing and invigorating scent that can help you start your day in a good mood.* It can improve concentration and help relieve stress and headaches, promoting an overall sense of well-being.*

This combination of essential oils creates a powerful scent that freshens up linens, deodorizes the air, and promotes a refreshing, and relaxing aura in your home.*

    Fresh & Down to Earth Linen Spray

    • Eucalyptus essential oil has a cooling and refreshing aroma that can help clear the mind and reduce congestion.*This oil also has anti-anxiety properties, making this a fantastic option to mist onto freshly washed linens.* Eucalyptus essential oil’s wonderfully strong scent caalso n decrease symptoms of stress.*
    • Tea tree essential oil adds antiseptic and antibacterial properties to the blend.* This oil will make your bedding and linens smell delicious and provide a sense of warmth and comfort.*

    This combination is perfect for spraying on pillows, sheets, and other linens to create an inviting, clean and calm environment.

    Our Favorite Linen Spray 

    • Let’s use eucalyptus essential oil again in a linen spray as it is great to clear and focus the mind.*
    • Spearmint essential oil is added for energy and an uplifting, can-do attitude.* This oil has a clean aroma and is valued for its invigorating and refreshing qualities.*

    We love this combination of essential oils in a linen spray as it smells amazing and has wonderful therapeutic benefits.*

    5 DIY Linen Spray's With Essential OilsTwo Ingredient Recipe for Making DIY Linen Spray

    So easy when it’s just 2 ingredients!

    • Using a funnel pour 1 cup vodka into a 4 oz spray bottle (the cheap stuff works just as well as the expensive stuff).
    • Fill the bottle almost full.  Leave room at the top for your essential oils.  No need to measure.
    • Add 20-30 drops of each essential oil.
    • Put top on the spray bottle and shake really well. You want to make sure the vodka and essential oils are mixed.
    • Spot test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric to make sure that it doesn’t stain or discolor.
    • Add  2-4 drops of one or both essential oils if you want to increase the smell.
    • Mist the linen or fabric and let it dry.  See below for some of the ways to use linen sprays from rugs to furniture, draperies, towels, and even clothes.
    • Sit back and relax.

    Note:  In place of the vodka you can use unscented witch hazel.

      Many Ways to Use Linen Spray

      Linen sprays are an easy way to refesh or scent many fabrics.  Here are just a few:

      • Use as an air freshener.
      • Scent your pillow before bed.
      • Lightly scent clothes while ironing
      • Deodorize bed sheets betwen laundering.
      • Revitalize draperies and curtains.
      • Freshen up towels and bed linens in a guest room.
      • Remove stale smells on blankets and sheets that have been stored in linen closet or basement.
      • Spruce up the air inside of your car.
      • Freshen the couch.
      • Apply to entry rugs adding a welcoming scent to your home.
      • Refreshen clothes that have been hanging in your closet, adding a subtle scent that could substitute for perfume.

      Tips for Using DIY Linen Spray

      Always test the spray on a small section of the fabric before using it, to avoid any discoloration or damage. It is recommended to use linen spray sparingly, as too much can damage the fabric or make it too damp. You can also create your own essential oil blends to create a unique scent that suits your preferences. If at all possible, use light colored oils if you’re spraying directly on fabric so you don’t stain them.

      DIY linen spray with essential oils is an easy and effective way to keep your linens and numerous fabrics smelling fresh and clean. By using essential oils, you can enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy while ensuring that your bed sheets, curtains, and towels always smell amazing.

      Biosource Naturals Hydrosol Sprays and Floral Waters

      Hydrosols or floral waters are formed during the water or steam distillation of plant material to make essential oils. Aromatherapists describe the water that is formed during essential oil production as a hydrosol or hydrolat.

      Hydrolats or Hydrosols can be used safely on the skin without dilution.  If you have eczema or sensitive skin, be cautious and test a small area of skin for reactions before using all over the body. Hydrosols are often used in skin toners and fresheners. Hydrosols are useful for calming pets.*

      Use caution with hydrosols of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy, or are pregnant.* Hydrosols contain much of the same active compounds as found in the essential oil.

      Hydrosols can be used in the following ways:hydrosol

      • As a base for a body mist with 1-2% essential oils.
      • As a base for a room spray.
      • Add 2-3% essential oils to make a natural air freshener.
      • As a natural anti-bacterial spray with up to 5% anti-bacterial essential oils to clean surfaces and purify air.
      • In a spritzer bottled and applied directly to the skin, face or body to refresh yourself and cool down.
      • Used in a bath for gentle, natural cleansing.
      • Add to unfragranced base creams to make lotions suited for your skin.

      Hydrosols can be used alone or blended with essential oils or plant extracts.  They can be added into base creams and lotions.  As hydrosols are water based, they will not dissolve in essential oils. Use a small amount of vegetable glycerine to emulsify the floral water to the essential oil.

      Hydrosols are not strongly scented.

      You may purchase hydrosols individually or in a pack of all nine at a discounted price.

      *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.