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Melissa Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lemon Balm

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Melissa Pure Essential Oil

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Properties  (Melissa officinalis) Lemon Balm Oil

Melissa Pure Essential Oil has a characteristic green, lemon scent.

  • 100% Pure, Concentrated, Undiluted
  • Therapeutic Quality
  • Steam Distilled from Leaves
  • Country of Origin: Spain & France
  • Also known as Lemon Balm

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Packaged

Amber glass bottle with Euro dropper. Tamper proof safety seal. Shrink wrapped.

Background Information on Melissa Pure Essential Oil

Melissa is native to Europe and the Mediterranean. The plant grows up to 3 feet in height.

The ancient Greeks placed twigs of Melissa to attract bees. Emperor Charlemagne ordered the herb grown to guarantee supply as Melissa became a popular remedy for nervousness and anxiety. In the eleventh century, Arabs found it beneficial to relieve melancholy.

Middle Age herbalists expanded the use of Melissa herb to include insomnia, pain, digestive problems, and menstrual cramps. Charles V, the King of France, drank a lemon balm tea for health. In the Amazon region, leaves are taken to calm nerves.

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Melissa pure essential oil’s reported therapeutic properties include antiseptic, antispasmodic, acne, antidepressant, breathing, anxiety, nightmares, anger, digestion, cold sores. Also known as lemon balm, melissa essential oil is considered one of the most powerfully medicinal essential oils in aromatherapy. Emotionally, melissa pure essential oil is a sedative, calming yet uplifting. Melissa pure essential oil has been known to aid issues of nervousness, bacterial infections, fungal infections, diarrhea, and eczema.*

Melissa pure essential oil is a strong antiviral and is concentrated enough to cause Herpes Simplex to go into remission by a single drop on the affected area several times per day.  This was reported by the Technical University of Munich.* 

The spirit and melissa pure essential oil work together to comfort during times of grief while giving a sense of empowerment and hope.

Physically, melissa pure essential oil provides energy boosts, relieves headaches and stomach pain, while lessening stress.*

Melissa pure essential oil (lemon balm) is also found in pharmaceutics, and perfumery. 

See our references at the bottom of this page for additional information.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits / Emotional Wellness Properties

Melissa pure essential oil enlightens, increases joyful living, optimism, enthusiasm and helps to let go of despair, hopelessness, darkness and overwhelm.

If using melissa pure essential oil for emotional wellness, try using it with our free EFT Tapping scripts for Open Heart and Purification which help release these emotional issues.

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits / Suggestions & Blends

Melissa pure essential oil blends well with citronella, geranium, lavender, lemon, orange, neroli, rose and ylang ylang.

  • To help decrease anxiety take a bath with 2 drops of melissa, and 4 drops of lavender pure essential oils.*
  • To balance emotions, mix melissa, roman chamomile, and neroli pure essential oils, then apply it to the skin in long gentle strokes.
  • To boost energy levels, blend melissa, and tangerine pure essential oils, then softly massage the mixture into your body when necessary.
  • To soothe head pain, add 2 drops of melissa pure essential oil to 1 tsp. carrier oil, and apply it to your forehead, temples or neck.
  • To ease an unsettled stomach, add 4 drops of melissa, 4 drops of grapefruit, and 2 drops of peppermint pure essential oils to 4 tsp. carrier oil, and massage it into your abdomen in a clockwise fashion as needed.
  • To lessen stress-related elevated blood pressure, bathe with 2 drops of melissa, and 4 drops of neroli pure essential oils.
  • A nightly diffusion for a stress-relieving rub (shoulders, forehead, or chest).
  • Use as a skin rejuvenator, either as a moisturizer or a spray. Dilute with water.
  • It has quick-acting topical healing properties if a small amount is dabbed on breakouts or blemishes or will soothe irritated places on the lips or skin or add it to lip balm or skin cream.
  • Blend melissa with lavender and ylang ylang pure essential oils to boost effectiveness
  • Use 2-3 drops of melissa, 3 drops each of bergamot and peppermint pure essential oils with a diffuser, added to a bath, or a lotion.
  • Diffuse into the air, add to a tablespoon of carrier oil or lotion (for massage), or use in a bath to ease depression or indecisiveness.
  • Blend 5 drops melissa, 5 drops lavender, and 10 drops tea tree pure essential oils in a roller bottle with fractioned coconut oil for a topical treatment for itchy patches of skin.

Dilute with carrier oil for direct skin contact.  

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Safety Tips

  • May disrupt sensitive skin when bathed with or massaged.
  • Avoid if pregnant, taking diabetic medication or have hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin.
  • Do not use on children under 2 years of age.
  • For external use only.  See our Safety Information page for further details when using essential oils.

Melissa Pure Essential Oil Reviews

“I love the rich, calming aroma of this essential oil. I will definitely purchase again when the bottle is used up. And due to the quality of this oil, I will most likely purchase other oils from this company.” – J.V.

“This smells great and has very nice pleasant uplifting effects apparent right off. It muscle tests very good of course. I dilute it as the label says – 1:4 with a carrier oil. I like using fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) as my main carrier oil instead of the almond oil recommended on the label.” – T.M.

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Pure Essential OilMelissa (Lemon Balm)
Botanical NameMelissa officinalis
Country of OriginSpain, France
Method of DistillationSteam
Main ConstituentsGeranial, Neral, CaryophylleneOxide,Citronellal, Beta-Carophyllene,Geraniol,GermacreneD,Nerol,Citronellol,Geranyl Acetate,Delta-3-Carene, Citronellyl Acetate
CAS No.8014-71-9