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Lemon Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lemon Pure Essential OilLemon Pure Essential Oil Properties (Citrus limonum)

Lemon Pure Essential Oil has a light, fresh citrus scent. Dubbed the “the sunshine oil”. Refreshing and rejuvenating. Its aroma inspires, brings fresh energy, and clears the mind.

  • Fresh, sweet, citrus scent.
  • 100% Pure, Concentrated, Undiluted
  • Therapeutic Quality
  • Cold Pressed from Lemon Peels
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Packaged

Amber glass bottle with Euro dropper. Tamper proof safety seal. Shrink wrapped.

Background Information on Lemon Pure Essential Oil 

Lemon pure essential oil is extracted from the rind or peel of fruit, not made from the juices. Lemon trees can grow from 10-20 feet tall. The fruit starts off as fragrant white flowers. Lemon trees are very common in Brazil, Israel, The United States, and Argentina. 

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lemon pure essential oils fresh lemon peel scent is said to inspire creativity and provoke increased mental alertness. When used to freshen air in the homestead, it can enhance spiritual clarity and lead to feelings of happiness due to its energetic properties. Lemon pure essential oil gives a sense of peace resulting in less stress and more sleep and sharpening of memory. Lemon pure essential oil revitalizes the spirit by removing dark moods, restoring a zest for life, and renewing focus, while helping you solve problems. This oil aids in the relaxation of the mind by allowing you to sort through cluttered thoughts, and making mood swings more subtle.

Lemon pure essential oil is one of the best essential oil for dark spots on the face, because of its richness in Vitamin C.* Lemon pure essential oil contains natural bleaching agents that can help reduce the appearance of dark spots over time.* Avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after applying as lemon pure essential oil can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.* Other uses for lemon pure essential oil are the breaking down of cellulite and cleansing the bodily tissues.*

In aromatherapy, lemon pure essential oil is known for aiding sore throats, nervous conditions, blood pressure, digestive problems, gallstones, debility, fever, and anxiety.* This oil can also be used as a tonic, astringent, and antiseptic. Other uses for lemon pure essential oil are the breaking down of cellulite and cleansing the bodily tissues.* The body is aided from the oil of lemon pure essential oil  due to its abilities to ward off infections, sickness, and fatigue

It is recommended that individuals experiencing problematic conditions with their feet, i.e. bunions, corns and callouses, rub lemon pure essential oil onto the place where the problem occurs.

See our references at the bottom of this page for additional information.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits / Emotional Wellness Properties

Lemon pure essential oil increases focus, joy, mental clarity, energy and is helpful to those who have mental fatigue, learning issues, guilt and who lack joy and energy.

If using Lemon pure essential oil for emotional wellness, try using it with our free EFT Tapping scripts for Focus and Sleep which help release these emotional issues.

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Uses and Benefits / Blends & Suggestions 

  • 1–2 drops of lemon pure essential oil removes gum, oil, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and crayon from most surfaces.
  • 2–3 drops of lemon pure essential oil with water in a spray bottle cleans surfaces.
  • 10–15 drops of lemon pure essential oil to a gallon of carpet cleaning solution helps pull out stains, brighten carpet and rugs.
  • A few drops of lemon pure essential oil on a cotton ball in the refrigerator helps to eliminate odors.

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Blends

  • To clear cluttered thoughts, vaporize 3 drops of lemon with 3 drops of eucalyptus pure essential oils.
  • To soothe mood swings, especially after the second trimester of pregnancy, bathe with 2 drops of lemon, and 2 drops of geranium pure essential oils.
  • To ward against colds, try an inhalation of 3 drops of lemon and 3 drops of tea tree pure essential oils.
  • To overcome physical tiredness in late pregnancy, mix lemon pure essential oil with lavender pure essential oil and have it gently rubbed into your lower back.
  • Two drops of eucalyptus pure essential oil mixed with two drops of lemon pure essential oil inside a vaporizer will clear the mind of scattered thoughts.

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Storage

Keep away from direct sunlight or heat and in tightly enclosed containers. Refrigeration is recommended.  

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Safety Tips

  • Lemon essential pure essential oil is non-toxic.  
  • It has been known to be an irritant in baths and massage for those with sensitive skin.
  • It is also phototoxic, so avoid using it when exposed to sunlight 12 hours prior to topical application.
  • For external use only.  See our Safety Information page for further details when using essential oils.

Lemon Pure Essential Oil Reviews

”Wonderful Oils. Healing and awesome smells.” –  J. Turnbell


Pure Essential OilLemon
Botanical NameCitrus limonum
SourcePeel of Citrus limonum
Country of OriginItaly
Method of ExtractionCold Pressed
CharacteristicsLight yellow to dark green liquid. Sweet fresh pleasant reminiscent of the ripe peel of the fruit.
Main ConstituentsLimonene, beta-Pinene
CAS No.8008-56-8 / 84929-31-7