Pure Aromatherapy for Body, Mind & Spirit

Divine Essential Oil Blend Spray

Reiki Charged with a Quartz Crystal to Amplify Results!

Divine Essential Oil Blend Spray - 8 fl oz/240 ml

Reiki Charged with Quartz Crystal to Amplify Results!

Divine essential oil blend sprayDivine Essential Oil Spray to Promote Joyful Creativity

This essential oil blend spray helps you access your higher power, God, or Source by the aromatherapeutic benefits of pure essential oils. A floral scent, use when you pray, meditate, contemplate, write in your journal or need to do healing work on others. This blend is also helpful if you want to increase your consciousness, live in freedom and joyfully create.

Divine Essential Oil Blend Spray Contains

Purified distilled water, gem elixirs of: Angelica, Chalice Well, Chiming Bells, Kunzite, witch hazel, and the pure essential oils listed below. Reiki charged with a quartz crystal to amplify results!

Spiritual Properties of Divine Essential Oil Blend Spray

Tangerine   – relaxes and quiets the mind, allowing you to hear God to speak to you

Rose – vibrationally the highest of all essential oils, application of Rose oil raises your biofrequency, making access to God or Source easier

Neroli – helps us become aware of blockages to our spiritual growth

White Lotus absolute – known for ages in the East to enhance meditation

Patchouli cablin – keeps negatives forces away

Amyris – calms anxiety and lifts the spirit

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Directions: Spray on body avoiding eyes.


“I spray Divine Essential Oil spray every morning and every night as well and I
feel myself having a much more open heart and my vibration gets very high! I feel light and happy and people respond very lovingly to me.” Alecia F.

“I use it in the morning when I know I need extra intuition and guidance.” L Olson.

“I am a spiritual clearer, and I use it on myself and my clients with tremendous success! My clients love it, and it amplifies energy.” J. Wilson