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Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray

With Gem Elixirs & Flower Essences and Reiki Charged with Quartz Crystal to Amplify Results!

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray - 8 fl. oz/240 ml

With Gem Elixirs & Flower Essences and Reiki Charged with Quartz Crystal to Amplify Results!

Money Magnet essential oil blend sprayMoney Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray is a sweet and spicy, luxurious scent.  Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray helps you to clear emotional patterns which get in the way of receiving. It contains pure essential oils which stimulate abundance on a vibrational level. It also helps repattern emotions around abundance.  This is our water based spray with witch hazel, pure essential oils, flower essences and gem elixirs. 

Reiki Energy charged by our Reiki Master. Bottle has Quartz crystal to amplify vibration and results!

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray helps to clear emotional patterns

  • Feelings of scarcity, e.g. “if I receive this, then someone goes without”
  • Feeling unworthy of receiving money, e.g. “did not work hard enough for it” “not smart enough”
  • Feelings of guilt, e.g. “I don’t deserve it.”
  • Feelings of worry & fear of jealousy from others, e.g. “What will people say and think of me?”
  • Feelings of being not being good enough to receive, e.g. “I am not educated enough, etc.”
  • Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend also contains essential oils which help the mind expand to:
  • See new possibilities
  • Realize dreams and goals
  • Exercise creative manifestation

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray Contains

A proprietary blend of 19 therapeutic quality essential oils:  Rose Geranium, Juniper Berry, Tangerine, Jasmine, Pine, Lavender, Rose, LemonCedarwood, Ginger Root, Orange, Frankincense, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Clove Pennyroyal, Myrrh, Rosewood.  It also contains flower essences and gem elixirs detailed below.

Caution: Do not ingest. Do not use if pregnant of have epilepsy.

Traditional Spiritual Properties of Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray

  • Ginger: Increases bio-electric energy.  It is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance
  • Patchouli: Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to offer us
  • Frankincense: Frankincense has been used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies and increases confidence and self-worth
  • Myrrh: Enhances and strengthens spirituality
  • French Lavender: Restores energy balance to mind and body
  • Black Pine: The clean, crisp green fragrance of pine is removes negative energy and increases opportunities
  • Black Pepper: Creates a whirlwind of positive energy surrounding your body.
  • Lemon: Disperses confusion and eases worry. Releases doubt and increases feelings of security.  Alleviates fear and clears negative vibration
  • Cedarwood: Produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. Purge negative energy from people and places
  • Ylang Ylang:  Calms anger and transforms energy into positive feelings
  • Orange: Increases physical and bio-electrical energy.  Promotes feeling of joy.
  • Elixirs of: Blueberry Pollen • Gold • Rock Spring • Star Sapphire – designed to help you co-create what you want, need, and desire in your life with less resistance and more ease,  efficiency and effectiveness. Clear limiting beliefs that you are holding from past experiences. Enhance your ability to feel worthy to receive your heart’s desire, and find the energies of trust, faith, and gratitude that will empower you to hold a vibration that is in alignment with what you truly desire to create in your life.  Helps to:  Heal ancestral patterns that are blocking your ability to receive. Open your awareness to the unlimited generosity of the Universe. Focus your intention and attention on what you want to manifest, rather than on what you perceive to be missing.

Eliminate negative emotions around money while attracting more!

Get our free, four page Emotional Freedom Techniques- EFT script regarding Money Issues with purchase. Quickly clear emotional money issues by combining EFT (Tapping) and essential oils. Combining EFT and essential oils will change energy patterns to the emotional part of the brain.

Changing your emotions and energy vibration about money sets forth more opportunity and is energetically explained by the Law of Attraction. Using Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend and EFT helps you receive blessings, money, opportunities by clearing negative beliefs about money and yourself. This uses the Law of Allowing to increase abundance. We cannot receive any amount of money or blessings unless we emotionally and energetically allow it to come to us.

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray Reviews

“The money magnet spray smells absolutely wonderful! Best spray I’ve ever purchased, couldn’t have hoped for better! Great price, fast shipping! Thank you very much!” – C. Hackman

“I never thought that there was anything out there that could help you attract good things, but this really works!!!” – C. Basnight

”Works!” –  M. Hansen

”Just love it! I use it all the time:)”  – R. Granado

”Great product. Smells wonderful. Arrived earlier than expected! Always a plus!” –  C. Falbo

”Sweet Smelling Sensation that Makes Major Money Flow into your life continuously.”  – R. Silva

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend Spray Directions

Spray on yourself, into your room or office space.

Caution: Do not ingest. Do not use if pregnant of have epilepsy.