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House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Spray

Space Clearing - Smudging Spray - Reiki Charged with Quartz Crystal

House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Spray

Energy Cleansing - Space Clearing - Smudging

House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Spray House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Spray can be used to cleanse or clear a new house or an area which you sense has negative energies or unwanted entities. This spray blend was developed for a friend who found success using it in clearing a “haunted” house.


Use as a space clearing spray or smudging spray when you want to change the energy in a room, hotel, office. If the energy of others leaves a heavy presence, this smudging spray will clear the air.

Use sparingly. It is concentrated.

House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Spray Ingredients

  • Amber – Encourages harmony and balance.
  • Holy Basil – Protection, improve mental stamina. Prevent negative emotions.
  • Vetiver – Intensify spiritual bond with Earth. Grants soulful awareness in the body.
  • Purified Water, Witch Hazel with Polysorbate 20 (derived from coconut) as an emulsifier.

Reiki charged with quartz crystal to amplify results!

House Blessing Spray Directions for Use

Spray each room with the intention of clearing any present negative energies or entities.

House Blessing Essential Oil Blend Reviews

“Love it!” – A. Rorstrom 

“I spray this a couple times a week, and it smells so good and makes me feel safe when I’m home alone.” –  C. Schatzberg

“Very calming and peaceful.. Wonderful blessing..Love this product.” –  J. T.

”Wonderful Oils. Healing and awesome smells. I would love your Blue Musk to have a complete fragrance line. Definitely my favorite scent.”  – J. Turnbell