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Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Uses and Benefits (May Chang)

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Uses and BenefitsLitsea Cubeba Essential Oil Properties (Litsea Cubeba) – May Chang

A warm, slightly lemongrassy smell makes it a perfect accompaniment to a variety of other peace-inducing essential oils.

  • 100% Pure, Concentrated, Undiluted
  • Therapeutic Quality
  • Steam Distilled from Fruit
  • Country of Origin: China

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Packaged (May Chang)

Amber glass bottle with Euro dropper. Tamper proof safety seal. Shrink wrapped.

Background Information on Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil (May Chang)

Litsea Cubeba essential oil from the East is also known as May Chang has earned a strong following in aromatherapy schools throughout Asia. Known for being a beautifully fresh, uplifting scent that is easy to mix with other essential oils, Litsea Cubeba essential oil has been recorded as being a helpful for people who are feeling lethargic, sleepy, or just ill-rested.

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Litsea Cubeba essential oil is an excellent refreshing oil. People who feel gloomy will find a boost from the scent of Litsea Cubeba. Wear this oil as a perfume and add it to your laundry during the wash cycle.

Litsea Cubeba is known as an ally for those who are battling work related stress. Thanks to its calming properties, people who have a hard time working in a stressful environment find they are more relaxed with the mere application of this oil on their wrist or near their neck. Litsea Cubeba is also a good essential oil for people who have issues with being panicky or nervous.

Athletes have also used Litsea Cubeba effectively, primarily due to the fact that it also promotes physical relaxation. In the Far East, priests have used Litsea Cubeba as an aromatherapy oil in order to make mediation and prayer easier.

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Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Safety Tips

  • Possible drug interaction with diabetes medications.  
  • For external use only.  See our Safety Information page for further details when using essential oils.