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Attracting Money with EFT Tapping and Essential Oils - EOTT™ - Essential Oil Tapping Technique

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Attracting Money With EFT Tapping and Essential Oils
to Help You Attract Abundance!

Attracting Money with EFT Tapping & Essential Oils Workshop Covers:

  • Understanding Vibration, Frequency, and Energy
  • How Our Emotions Activate and Reflect Our Current Vibration
  • How Thoughts and Emotions Create Neuropeptides Cellular Changes
  • Law of Attraction – Art of Allowing Defined – How to Apply Them
  • Types of Prayer How they Relate to Frequency and Vibration
  • Phrasing Thought and Vibration in the Present Time: Why It is Important
  • Importance of Love and Gratitude Vibration
  • Muscle Testing the Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, Theory, History and Technique
  • EFT Tapping: Clearing Negative Beliefs About Money, Prosperity Abundance, Success
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Clearing the Negative
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Combining Positive Visualization (Law of Attraction)
  • Hands on EFT Tapping for Receiving/Law of Allowing as if it is already happening
  • EFT: Psychological Reversal: What to Do About It
  • Muscle Testing Body Mind Lotions and Super-Fast EFT Tapping Technique to Increase Flow of Emotional and Physical Energy

Watch workshop video snippets.
Essential Oil Blend Money Magnet is used in this workshop.

Combine Attracting Money with EFT Tapping Essential Oils Workshop with Money Magnet -EOTT™ – Essential Oil Tapping Technique

How Money Magnet Essential Oil Works

Therapeutic quality essential oils help attract money and abundance by raising the bio-frequency of the body, mind and spirit. Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living being has an electrical frequency according many scientists. Essential oils have the highest frequencies several times greater than the frequencies of herbs and fresh foods. Using essential oils provides a natural way to increase the body’s electrical frequency.

Essential oils stay in the body from about 20 minutes to 2 hours. When rubbed onto the foot, they will distribute to every cell in the body in 21 minutes. Essential oils are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and are most quickly absorbed by inhalation. Combining aromatherapy with Emotional Freedom Technique is powerful for clearing negative emotions around money and all negative emotions.

For thousands of years essential oils have been combined with prayer and spiritual healing. Essential oils amplify the intent of prayer which is why spiritually anointing with prayer (or EFT) and essential oils is so effective when combined.

Attracting Money with EFT

Tapping & Essential Oils

Workshop Includes:

Six Hour Attracting Money with EFT Tapping & Essential Oils Workshop Contained In Four MP4 Video Files (78mb, 75mb, 73mb, 67mb)

Attracting Money with EFT Tapping & Essential Oils Workshop Notes (pdf file)EFT Script For Money Issues (pdf file)

Essential Oils in Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend contains a proprietary blend of 19 therapeutic quality essential oils: Rose Geranium, Juniper Berry, Tangerine, Jasmine, Pine, Lavender, Rose, Lemon, Cedarwood, Ginger Root, Orange, Frankincense, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Patouchli, Black Pepper, Clove Pennyroyal, Myrrh and Rosewood. Using this oil will raise your biofrequency for the results you want.

Spiritual Properties of Some of Money Magnet’s Essential Oils

Ginger: Increases bio-electric energy. It is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance.
Patchouli: Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to attracting money with eftoffer us.
Frankincense: Frankincense has been used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies.
Myrrh: Enhances and strengthens spirituality.
Lavender: Restores energy balance to mind and body.
Pine: The clean, crisp green fragrance of pine is removes negative energy and increases opportunities.
Black Pepper: Creates a whirlwind of positive energy surrounding your body.
Lemon: Disperses confusion and eases worry. Releases doubt and increases feelings of security.  Alleviates fear and clears negative vibration.
Cedarwood: Produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. Purge negative energy from people and places.
Ylang Ylang Organic: Calms anger and transforms energy into positive feelings  Orange: Increases physical and bio-electrical energy. Promotes feelings of joy!

Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend helps you to clear emotional patterns which get in the way of receiving. Helps to clear emotional patterns of:

  • Feelings of scarcity, e.g. “if I receive this, then someone goes without”
  • Feeling unworthy of receiving money, e.g. “did not work hard enough for it” “not smart enough”
  • Feelings of guilt, e.g. “I don’t deserve it.”
  • Feelings of worry fear of jealousy from others, e.g. “What will people say and think of me?”
  • Feelings of being not being good enough to receive, e.g. “I am not educated enough, etc.”
  • See new possibilities
  • Realize dreams and goals
  • Exercise creative manifestation

Video Snippets from Attracting Money with EFT & Essential Oils Workshop

The Money Roll On Experiment Using BioSource Naturals’ Money Magnet Essential Oil Blend

Muscle Testing the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. Beliefs and Emotions About Money

Emotional Freedom Technique Positive Money Affirmations. EFT for Positive Emotions and Beliefs Around Money.