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Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Stimulating Oils

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential oils for hair growth can help strengthen hair, improve shine, and support increased growth with prolonged use.*  The best essential oils for promoting hair growth are:* 
  • Thyme essential oil thyme essential oil cleans hair follicles, which can cause hair to fall out. Massaging thyme oil can improve circulation which slows hair loss and promotes new hair growth.*
  • Lavender essential oil reduces anxiety and stress which contribute to hair loss.
  • Cedarwood essential oil  stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and cleanses follicles, which stimulate hair growth.* Traditionally used also to balance female hormones. 
  • Peppermint essential oil peppermint essential oil is thought to enhance hair growth by increasing blood flow to the follicles, thereby aiding the hair growth cycle and production.*
  • Rosemary essential oil rosemary essential oil is rich in carnosol which has been shown to reduce inflammation, balance estrogen and androgen, and lower DHT which improves hair growth.*

A study by a group of dermatologists in Scotland showed that 44 percent of alopecia patients who were tested experienced new hair growth when they massaged their scalp daily with lavender and other essential oils for seven months. The essential oil blend included lavender, thyme, rosemary, cedarwood oils, all of the oils in Hair Loss Helper plus peppermint.

Dilute a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil (jojoba, grape seed, or sweet almond oil). Apply to your roots for a hair mask once a week. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo of choice.

essential oils for hair growthHair Loss Helper Essential Oil Blend*

Prefer not to make your own essential oil mixture? Try our Hair Loss Helper  Essential Oil Blend* which contains a blend of rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, and thyme. Simply add 2 to 3 drops per ounce of shampoo.

Hair Loss Helper Essential Oil Blend concentrate is packaged in 15 ml and 30 ml bottles.

Hair Loss Helper Essential Oil Blend Safety Tips

  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not apply to or near the face of infants or children. Do not use on children under 6 years.
  • Avoid use on hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin.
  • For external use only.  See our Safety Information page for further details when using essential oils.

See our references at the bottom of this page for additional information.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


Hair Loss Helper Blend Reviews

“I am really happy with this product. It seems to have slowed my hair loss and new growth is coming in. I use it several nights a week and leave it in all night.” – C.M.Brewster

“Very satisfied with the product and delivery.” – C.B.

“Actually works! The does work if you use it daily! I noticed new hair growing in 5 weeks. – Dr. Frank J. Akawi

“Good product.” – M. Vasquez 12/9/14

“Love this! I’ve added it to my hair gloss, conditioner and I put it in my palm with argon oil and rub on my scalp at night. Smells wonderful and my hair looks and feels so much healthier.” – C. Ertmann

”Works great! I love the essential oils!” – A. Zarezadegan

“This was exactly what the doctor ordered. As a matter of fact, she took a picture of the bottle so her other patients could order the product.” VRA

“OMG… had surgery, hair was falling out… I add this to shampoo, after 3 weeks I can feel the short little bristles regrowing.” H.L.