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Essential Oils for Ear Infections*

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Essential Oils for Ear Infections

Essential oils for ear infections can naturally help to clear up ear infections, common in children and some adults.* Ear infections can be painful and disorienting. There are many antibiotics used to help get rid of ear infections, but there are natural routes that you can take as well. Essential oils can be effective at fighting and preventing ear infections.

Preventing Ear Infections

To prevent ear infections, take a few drops of tea tree oil, lavender and thyme or eucalyptus oil. Mix in a touch of vegetable oil (or other carrier oils to dilute) and massage behind the ear, especially where the curve of your head meets your ear. This can also helps clear up ear infections.*

Another method is to apply 2 – 3 drops behind the ear and move down your throat to the center of your chest. Use eucalyptus or tea tree. Follow with lavender, thyme or rosemary.

Using Essential Oils for Ear Infections

Oregano oil can also be used to help ear infections clear up, both internally and externally. Mix a drop of oregano oil in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil. Apply some of the mixture to a cotton ball and place the ball at the entrance of ear canal and hold it there for as long as possible. 

If symptoms persist, seek professional medical care.

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