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Epigenetics, Emotional Healing Support with Essential Oils and Tapping

Epigenetics, Emotional Healing Support with Essential Oils and Tapping

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Epigenetics, Emotional Healing Support with Essential Oils and Tapping

discussed by Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT, RMT

Hi everybody, this is Lezlie Cebulski, founder of BioSource Naturals, naturopath aromatherapist, Reiki Master teacher and emotional freedom techniques practitioner. Today, I want to talk briefly about the concept of epigenetics and how trauma may be imprinted into the cellular memory as well as inherited. How to release those inherited emotional patterns through the use of essential oils and tapping.

The reason I thought I would bring up the clearing generational patterns product is that that’s basically its purpose. With the holidays coming up, mostly people are happy but definitely, some people start to get a little triggered maybe by basically inherited emotional patterns. This may be a good aid for this upcoming holiday and the holiday season as well as generally at any point but particularly during the holidays.

If you haven’t heard of the concept of epigenetics, and that’s EPI genetics. It is the study of genetics and how environment or trauma or emotions and the neuropeptides that are produced from emotions may actually turn on specific genes. It’s sort of a thought process that you may have inherited a gene that may only express itself if the right conditions are there, whether it’s some sort of trauma or stress, emotional pattern.

If you’re curious more about it you can google “epigenetics and trauma.” There’s a lot of recent science on it which shows that a lot of trauma and emotional patterns and neuropeptides will actually turn on genes. With that being said, there is a concept called cellular memory.

A lot of recent work with epigenetics is starting to show that not only does trauma and emotional patterns turn on certain genes, but that those genes end up being passed on. They’re activated and they’re actually passed on and inherited so that we end up not only from our lifetime but even from our grandparent’s cellular memory which has emotional components. There’s like emotional imprints on our DNA in ourselves.

We have– we carry and pass on many of the same generational emotional patterns. Some of them we can attribute to our lifetime and some may not even be conscious where it comes from. But there’s a lot of recent research that shows that that is actually something that’s passed on through the generations through DNA.

Paul Pearsall wrote an interesting book called The Heart Code. The Heart Code is– part of it he talks about how essential oils actually unlock cellular memory because it activates certain parts of the brain in the limbic system where a lot of emotional baggage and emotions are stored. That the increase in the oxygen to the limbic system actually helps the brain unlock the DNA and allows a lot of emotional baggage to be released from the cellular memory.

Epigenetics, Emotional Healing Support with Essential Oils and TappingWhen we did this work and combined the clearing generational patterns which is an essential oil blend available in a concentrate for defusing or putting on the skin if it’s with a carrier oil roll-on, we put the blend in the spray. The purpose of it was basically to help with the regular application of the essential oils to unlock– oxygenate the limbic system and unlock DNA so that emotional baggage can be released.

There’s a specific emotional freedom technique script that I wrote to pair with that. With the activation with the essential oils and the tapping, you can over time start to reap patterns some emotions and emotional reactions that you may have just inherited without really realizing where they come from.

Some of the spiritual properties of the Clearing Generational Patterns spray. It does contain also flower and gem essences which you can read more about on the site of Bio Source Naturals. We put a quartz crystal in there because quartz as a gemstone actually amplifies the energy of everything that is already present. It’s amplifying the results of it.

I actually Reiki-charge all the sprays. That amplifies the energy. Then the essential oils that are in this blend are ones that are related to synergistically activating and releasing certain imprinted emotions. We’ve got Cedarwood in there which often brings spiritual balance. It produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. Purges negative energy from people in places.

It has Frankincense in it which gives us access to the higher realms of spiritual development. It also enhances confidence and knowing oneself and one self’s worth. Orange is purifying in the body and mind and it brings us in touch with the higher self. It’s very relaxing and also promotes feelings of joy because of the citrus qualities.

Clearing balances and aligns all the chakras, it’s a very grounding essential oil. Being grounding it adds clarity of thought, concentration and it facilitates the release of a lot of negative emotions so that they’re not stored. It also contains Lavender which stabilizes all forms of energy. If you’re feeling overly energetic it can be an energy balancer and bring you to more of a level place.

If you’re not feeling — if you’re feeling sluggish it can actually energize you. But it’s a good stabilizer and it restores balance basically to the body and mind. It also contains Sandalwood which integrates the spirit, activates the pineal gland and slows the analytical mind and frees it open to a creative source and get those downloads from God and from spirit.

We also have some oil Rose oil in there. Rose is the highest vibratory oil which opens up the heart to divine love, self-love. Love is one of those keys to help heal and release negative emotion. It also contains a Rose geranium which spreads peace and heals the world although the world a weary heart and Ylang-ylang calms anger and transforms energy into positive feelings.

This is a spray that I like to use often particularly if I know that I’m going into a situation where I think that I might get triggered maybe from even things that are not mine. I just mist it all around me and enjoy the Sun. It’s a nice calming scent I get compliments on it all the time. We’ve had excellent feedback on it in terms of its scent and results.

It does have the emotional freedom technique script and that’s actually free to everyone in the store. If you just want to take a look at the script. But using this and then tapping can help re-pattern emotions that you’re not sure why you even have them.

If anyone is interested in that, go to the site. It’s biosourcenaturals.com and thanks for listening. I hope to do a couple of these quick talks a few times a week. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thank you, bye.

 Epigenetics, Emotional Healing Support with Essential Oils and Tapping Video

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