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Camphor, White Essential Oil Uses and Benefits - Ho Leaf

Camphor, White Essential Oil Uses and Benefits - Ho Leaf

Camphor, White Essential Oil Uses and BenefitsCamphor, White Essential Oil Properties (Cinnamomum camphora)

Spicy, herbal, and mothball-like odor.

  • 100% Pure, Concentrated, Undiluted
  • Therapeutic Quality
  • Steam Distilled from Leaves
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Also Known As:  Yu-sho and Ho Leaf CT Cineole

Camphor, White Essential Oil Packaged

Amber glass bottle with Euro dropper. Tamper proof safety seal. Shrink wrapped.

Background Information on Camphor, White Essential Oil

Camphor is a semi-evergreen tree native to Asia which grows up to 100 feet in height. It has red leaves that turn shiny green with yellow flowers. Camphor is related to the cassia and cinnamon trees.

Camphor has been used in Chinese medicine for 2,000 years.

Camphor, White Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Camphor essential oil is a stimulant, antiseptic, disinfectant, decongestant, anesthetic, antispasmodic, and  a sedative. Camphor, white essential oil has reported uses and benefits of pain relief, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, reduces blemishes, stimulating, increases penetration of other essential oils.

Documented properties in aromatherapy include analgesic, anthelmintic, antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, hypertension, insect repellent, insecticide, laxative, sedative, stimulant (CNS, adrenal glands, respiratory), vermifuge, vulnerary.

The vapor of camphor opens the sinus and breathing passages.* Camphor essential oil is also mood uplifting.

The scent of camphor repels insects and has been used in linen closets.

See our references at the bottom of this page for additional information.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Camphor, White Essential Oil Uses and Benefits / Suggestions & Blends

Camphor, white essential oil blends well with German chamomile, Roman chamomile, eucalyptus globulus, eucalyptus radiata, frankincense, juniper, peppermint, pine, rosemary, wintergreen.

  • As a disinfectant and antiseptic, camphor essential oil is used in water where there is a chance that it could get infected.
  • Only one drop of camphor essential oil is needed to keep food grains free from insects.

Camphor, White Essential Oil Safety Tips

  • Essential oils high in 1,8-cineole can cause CNS and breathing problems in young children.
  • Do not apply to or near the face of infants or children. Maximum dermal level 0.4% (IFRA).  
  • Camphor essential oil should be avoided in pregnancy and in people suffering from epilepsy and asthma.
  • Camphor is an adrenal stimulant and can be harmful. 
  • For external use only.  See our Safety Information page for further details when using essential oils.


Essential OilCamphor, White - Ho Leaf
Botanical NameCinnamonum camphora
Country of OriginChina
Method of DistillationSteam
Main Constituents1,8 Cineole, x-Terpineol, beta Pinene